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SJOG | Volume 33 | Number 3 | 2002

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The limits of the brain Dr Balaji Sadasivan
Effects of conjugated estrogens alone in the combination with dydrogesterone on plasma lipoproteins
C. Gulerman, S Celen, P, Moroy, O Gokmen, U Buyukkagnicl
The effect of induction of ovulation on glucose tolerance test in women with polycystic ovaries
Tymour Tasin Khatab, Essam Abdulla, Khalid AM Atwa, Ahmad Zakaria Rabie, Muhammad El-Sayed Hafez
Cosmetic outcome assessment after conservative surgery followed by radiotherapy in patients with early breast cancer
Marek Zadrozny, Boguslaw Westfal, Piotr R Wozniak, Grzegorz P Stachowiak
Effect of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular mortality rate in Central-Eastern Europe
Adam Laszlo, Tama Fekete, Edina Boros

The efficacy of acupuncture in controlling climacteric symptoms in women after menopause

Piotr R Wozniak Grzegorz P. Stachowiak Agnieszka K. Pieta-Dolinska, Przemyslaw J, Oszukowski
Genes coding kininogen and kinins receptors in vulvar cardinoma associated with HPV 18 infection using a novel TaqMan PCR assay
Anita Olejeck, Urszula Mazurek,Joanna Orchel, Dariusz Kusmiers, Tadeusz Wilczok

Lelomyoblastoma of urethra- A rare clinical entity
M Matah, B.L. Rastogi, M. Kumar
  Microcalcifications in association with apocrine metaplasia in fibrocystic breast disease
Jan Janzen, Arne Fischmann, Katrin Rotheberger-Janzen

   Acute uterine inversion reverted by laparotomy and division of ring anteriorly, Dobbins operation
 Ashma Rana, Neelan Pradhan, Kanti Giri ,Diki Bista, Jay K, Thakur
Management of recurrent early pregnancy loss
The history of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Singapore

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