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SJOG | Volume 32 | Number 1 | 2001

SJOG Volume 31, Number 1, 2001

An assessment of present day laparoscopic surgery in Gynaecology

 Stephen Chew
Foong L C


Reproduction in Women

Clement L K Chan
Radiological appearance of second metacarpal bone and serum calcium levels in normal postmenopausal women in Ismailia
Moussa Abdel Hameed,
Ahmed Zakaria Rabie,
Sanaa Ali Nour,
Enass Muhammad Mahmoud Abdella,
Muhammad El-Sayed Hafez

Comparative analysis of modification of Misgav-Ladach and Pfannenstiel methods for caesarean section in the Department of Feto-Maternal Medicine, Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital, between 1994 and 1999

Pawel Pawlowicz
Jan Wilczy nski, Tomasz Stetkiewicz

A Prospective study on 110 pelvic masses by clinical assessment, ultrasound scan and CA-125- Prediction of malignancy

Eugene W.K Leong
V, Sivanesaratnam

Non-closure of the visceral and parietal peritoneum at caesarean section: A randomized study

Mariam Faruqui Shati, Anoware Begum, Farzana Sohael

Doppler Songraphy in Abnormal Uterien Bleeding

Anuradha Khanna, Meenal Gupta,R.C.Shukla

Option in trreating male factor infertility in the absence of intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI)

O C Ong Fee-bee,
Mohd Hashim Omar, Nik Nafisah Adeeb, Zainul Rashid Mohd Razi

A prospective population-based study of menopausal symptoms in Korea women

Im-Soon Lee, Hae-Hyuck Lee, Seok-Min Lee, Jeong-Jae Lee, Kye-Hyun Nam, Soon-Gone Lee, Kwon-Hae Lee
  Does circumcision reduce HIV risk! More research is needed to understand the association between circumcision and HIV prevention
 Kim Best


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